Marketer Mindsets on In-housing vs. Agencies Needs to Change

Digiday – It’s no longer us against them. Last week, the ANA released its latest report on in-housing, authored by ANA Group EVP Bill Duggan, which found that 82% of marketers now have in-house agencies, up from 78% in 2018. (The ANA conducts the study every five years.) Duggan noted that while marketers have been increasing in-housing in recent years, most still work with external agencies. “It’s not in-housing or [external agencies] but in-housing and [external agencies],” said Duggan…

…“We need to change the view that in-housing is somehow bad for agencies,” said Greg Paull, principal at search firm R3. “Having a mindset that both cannot work together for the greater good of marketing is detrimental and untrue. There are many good partnerships between in-house teams and the agencies that support them.”

Paull added: “The challenge for agencies is they need to find other areas where they can deliver value and create new streams of revenue.”

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